Content PD | Taz


Content PDs who love to explore new things
Position: Content PD
Duties: Filming and editing

Career Highlights

7 years in the entertainment industry (radio, news, etc.)
Finance (6 years)
Hosted Ted X talk
Undergraduate Broadcast Media Major

Hi! I'm Taz, always looking forward to what comes next.

I'm Taz, a woman of many interests, with a vibrant, versatile personality.I love breaking new ground and exploring the world, which is probably why I've had a more varied life than the average person!
I studied Broadcast Media at university and worked in the entertainment industry for 7 years, in news and radio broadcasting, but I haven't drawn from just one well - I worked in finance for 6 years, taught English at an international school in the UK, ran my own catering business from 2018-2021 where I taught cooking skills, introducing Asian food and culture in Bangladesh, India, Korea Japan and more! I've even organised Tedx talks, bringing people from different communities together through food and cooking.
I moved to Korea in 2021 and have been actively pursuing several avenues ever since: I started as an English teacher, then set up a Youtube Channel cooking with friends in Korea, and recently embarked on my role as as a Content PD at Soo & Carrots.
The world is so interesting and I love exploring it, and just like changing the ingredients and adding a little bit of spice makes a new dish, I can't wait to see what new experiences my next life journey will bring.