Sales| Juhan Kim

Juhan Kim

Sharing inspiration and building faith,
your trusted manager, Juhan!
Position: Sales Manager
Duties: Sales, Partner Management

Career Highlights

8 years of sales/ CS experience (Korea)
Lived in The Hague, Netherlands for 5 years

"The joy of traveling, the gift that keeps on giving"

For some, the idea of leaving the comfort of home and traveling to another country is exciting and exhilarating; for others, it's an unfamiliar and daunting challenge.
I studied abroad in the Netherlands for five years during secondary school, and it was very difficult to be a stranger in a place with a different language and culture, but thanks to my international friends who welcomed me warmly, I didn't feel lonely. I was really touched by their understanding and care for my difficulties, and they are still part of my life to this day.
My position is now offering me the chance to be in the position of also helping others, namely people who visit Korea and might face similar difficulties.
I would like to share my ideas and practical suggestions with everyone who visits Korea. I have now made it my duty to ensure that people get an amazing start to their journey in Korea, while by-passing most challenges.

"One person, two trusts"

Soo & Carrots' grand vision is based on trust. We believe that everyone has a great vision.
Since our own growth is of vital importance to us, we truly understand, and we truly understand how important it is for our partners to develop and realise their visions as well.
By selecting us as your partner, we promiss to deliver fresh, original and sophisticated ideas as well an unwavering, long term commitment.
We are deeply grateful to everyone placing their faith in us. We will continue to grow, share our breakthroughs and re-enforce our mutually beneficial relationship.