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Welcome! This is the introduction page for the Soo and Carrots team and services. 수앤캐롯츠 소개 페이지입니다! 한국어 버전을 원하시면 여기를 클릭해주세요!

The Vision of Soo and Carrots: ’Connect all foreigners around the world, share knowledge with them.’

Soo and Carrots’ Mission: To Connect Foreigners and Share Knowledge with them.
In this era of globalization, where anyone can freely visit other countries, the significance of borders has practically disappeared. However, despite being global citizens, people often encounter unfamiliar and uncomfortable experiences when traveling to foreign countries. Soo and Carrots aim to bridge this gap by connecting foreigners through technology and content, providing them with language and cultural education they need.
Through the global social travel platform, Soo House, we open up spaces for exchange among travelers worldwide. Additionally, through the educational content of Soo and Carrots, we share diverse information and learning experiences. Our goal is to create a world where foreigners can feel comfortable anywhere, like being at home, by fostering connections and understanding through our platform.
Soo House, The Social Travel Super App that helps you make travel friends
Soo and Carrots Media Channels

A team composed of global experts.

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Our team members, who spent their early years in foreign countries, are coming together with one heart to bring our vision to life..
Soo Kim
PO Brand Director Sungmin Cho
AI Adviser
App Development
Hiren Patel
QA Enginerring
Sebastian Roj
Deny Setiawant
Contents PD
Taz Meena
Juhan Kim
Ruxandra Georgescu

The Journey of Soo and Carrots, a Global Startup

Hello! I’m Soo, the representative of Soo and Carrots.
the representative of Soo and Carrots. I've experienced an international lifestyle since childhood in countries like France and Japan, directly facing the challenges of diverse cultures and life abroad. Through these experiences, I've cultivated a sense of gratitude towards many who helped me adapt locally.
Based on this gratitude, Soo and Carrots aim to assist people from around the world in feeling comfortable in Korea, much like being at home. We aspire to help individuals adapt just as we received help during our time abroad. It's our goal to give back to the global community the assistance we received while overseas.

Introducing Soo and Carrots' Content Business

To take the first step toward realizing this vision, I chose 'Korean Language and Korean Culture' as the medium.
As a certified Korean language teacher, I found existing Korean language and culture education materials targeting foreigners uninspiring and lacking well-structured curricula. Having lived abroad since childhood, I understood what foreigners desire.
I believed that the existing curricula were not only uninteresting but also lacked a well-thought-out structure. To address this, I embarked on the following initiatives to start with a business that allows individuals to learn Korean language and culture 'more easily and enjoyably' with a high-quality curriculum.

1. Korean for All: Korean Language and Culture Education Materials

We produce and sell Korean language textbooks in English, Japanese, and French. A distinctive feature is the enjoyable learning experience with the characters of our brand. Our textbooks are available in over 10 countries, including bookstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets. Over the past three years, we have achieved cumulative sales of 600 million won through exports to over 100 countries.

2. Korean language and cultural content on various media platforms.


We produced trendy video lectures for the Korean For All series textbooks, making them available through various platforms for study.

Social Media

The easiest means to continuously engage with foreigners interested in Korea is through social media, and currently, we maintain TikTok and Instagram channels with over a million followers each.
Through these channels, we communicate with foreign customers, sharing the latest trends, language, and cultural content related to Korea.


Susu, Carro, KP, and Lumi, who came to study abroad in Korea from a fantasy land, share their diverse experiences of Korean life in a webtoon format. The series is currently serialized on Naver Global Canvas.
Soo House, The Social Travel Super App

Transforming the Global Travel Market with Soo House, Connecting Content and Travel

We wanted to see how we could combine our content capabilities with technology to get closer to our vision.
Our team has all experienced being an outlander. This led us to focus on the common issues of "loneliness" and "fear" we felt in other countries.
Travel Not Alone! We connect the travelers via lots of meetups and matching,
Knowledge is Power. Knowledge and Information will make the travelers fearless.
Soo House stands out from traditional travel platforms.
Soo House, where travel buddies are made. A social travel community where finding companions, organizing events, and sharing information create vibrant communication among people.
A content hub where various topics such as travel, language, and culture are enjoyably curated in one place.
Unique experiences through travel with creators, curated tourism products, and original travel packages.

1. [Community] A space to make travel friends.

What are people around me up to?
Profile cards that make you curious, a space you want to keep coming back to! Have you ever wondered what other travelers around you are up to while exploring?
Decorate your profile card with interesting details, see where others are exploring, and connect with travel companions and groups.
Soo House aims to be a communication community for foreign travelers, whether it's a short trip or a long stay.

2. [Content Hub] Essential Korea travel content presented by global creators!

A space where you can find the most necessary information at the right time, and enjoyably curated in one place!
While exploring a country, Soo House provides not only basic language and cultural knowledge but also the latest trends and safety information, including points to be aware of.

3.[Unique Experiences] Special experiences you won't find on other travel platforms.

Original travel products available only on Soo House.
There are endless possibilities for creating special experiences for foreigners in Korea, such as activities, retreat programs, offline classes, and various tours.
Soo House collaborates with diverse creators and tourism companies to offer unique travel products for foreigners.

Soo House is currently in the final stages of development.

Soo House conducted beta testing from July to November 2023, securing over 20,000 users. Based on the feedback received during this period, the official launch is scheduled for February 2024.
Currently located inside the airport with the support of the Korea Airports Corporation (KAC), our company plans to focus on marketing and business activities starting from 2024.

Soo and Carrots in the media

Soo House is seeking partners (House Mates) who want to offer unique experiences in Korea together

Soo and Carrots is welcoming partners who share our vision and wish to work together to bring it to fruition.
We are currently entering into various partnerships and collaborations to collectively realize our vision.

The benefits you will enjoy if you become a partner (House Mate)

1. Matching with Foreign Customers (Travelers and Long-term Residents)
Whether it's a short domestic trip or working within the country, foreigners experiencing Korea for the first time during their stay would want to know as much as possible about the country. Through customer data, we support the connection of foreign customers with partners, ensuring that the unique experiences offered by your tourism services are matched with potential customers.
Additionally, direct communication with matched customers allows you to gather feedback and utilize it for the improvement of your services.
2. Marketing and Promotion Support
We provide support to ensure that your services are widely known through various online and offline communication channels.
We plan to assist with online marketing through Soo House's existing Social Media channels (approximately 1 million followers) and collaborative influencer channels (approximately 10 million followers), as well as offline marketing in subways and airports.
A designated representative will be assigned for your convenience, offering support from entry point to marketing.
3. Translation of Service Introduction Pages into Various Languages
Translation services into various languages, beyond basic English, will be provided to cater to foreign customers of diverse nationalities.
We plan to reach a broader audience of foreigners exploring Korea by offering translations in more languages.
4. Discover new opportunities for collaboration and valuable content
At Soo House, we offer a community-centric platform where customers, House Mates, and Hallyu influencers can communicate all in one place. By engaging with diverse individuals, you can explore new collaboration opportunities and create value through these interactions.

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We will continue to grow as a company creating a new travel culture for the metaverse and AI era through ongoing research and development.

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