CEO | Soo Kim

Soo Kim

Leader of all the outlanders in the world who want to create a world full of love!
Position: CEO

Career Highlights

13th President of Youth Entrepreneurship Academy
Created Korean language learning books (reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar) for foreigners
Translated into 3 languages (English, Japanese, French)
Operated online K-pop merchandise sales business
Operated a guest house business
Former online Korean language instructor (KoreanClass 101, Hi-Jack Language Institute)
Released a Malaysian album (Warner Music)
Speaks 6 languages
Influencer (over 1 million followers - Instagram, TikTok)
Graduated from Waseda University (Japan), Faculty of International Studies
Studied at Jean Moulin University (France)
Korean Teaching Licence Level 2

Hi, I'm Soo Kim, an entrepreneur who wants to give back the gratitude I received while living as an expat in various countries.

I am like a golden retriever who loves networking and is always full of love, I am an MBTI capital E who makes friends with everyone, regardless of age, nationality, or gender. With this personality, I fit in well wherever I go! I was elected as the first 20+ female president of Seoul Youth Entrepreneurship Academy, an organisation that has never had a president in their 20s or a female president in its history, and I am currently working hard to lead some of the most promising young entrepreneurs in Korea. My current personality was created overnight. No! As a young adult, I was always a outlander in different countries, facing various problems such as economic difficulties, cultural conflicts, insecurity, and racism. I overcame them by learning more languages and actively seeking help, especially from local language teachers, communities, and expatriate centres. These experiences shaped my adaptable personality and were very influential in creating Soo House, a community-based super app that combines language, culture, and travel. Just as I was able to adapt to life abroad with the help of so many people, I want to create a world full of love and connection where everyone in the world can feel at home in another country. I'll be working hard with my amazing team to give back to the world what I've been blessed with during my time abroad!