CS | Ruxi


I'm Ruxi, the problem solver for all your Soo & Carrots and Soo House questions!
Position: Customer Support, Content Writer
Duties: Customer CRM, satisfaction surveys, Q&A, content editing

Career Highlights

Speaks 5 languages
Former English teacher in Korea
University of Bucharest (România) Political Science
Yonsei University Language Institute course (Levels 1-4)

I'm Ruxi, your go-to troubleshooter for all things Soo Carrots.

I’ve been living in Korea on and off for about 10 years and I’ve joined Soo from the beginning of this ambitious venture. Her vision, passion and hard work have me in constant awe and motivate me to keep trying to diversify and improve my skills as well.
In my personal life, I jump around through various interests but some of the key hobbies that keep me afloat are reading (especially fantasy), watching movies, knitting, exploring new corners of whichever part of the world I happen to be in and capturing those special moments on camera.
I’m also on a perpetual journey to mastering Korean and I encourage everyone to take that chance and go on an adventure- you never know what you might find.